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Double Impact







Service description

Double Impact is a drug and alcohol service working with individuals recovering from substance misuse problems.

The aim of the organisation is to provide a service for people who have experienced problematic drug and alcohol use. This is achieved by offering support, including access to housing, training, education and assistance into meaningful employment.


Learning opportunities

• Experience of working with individuals with substance misuse issues

• Increased awareness of mental health needs

• Familiarisation and understanding of local and national policy and legislation relating to substance misuse treatment

• Experience of working in a rehabilitation & reintegration service

• Understanding Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults, Supporting People and Care Standards.

• Issues around child protection and duty of care, implications of the Children Acts and safeguarding procedures

• Networking and partnership with other professional agencies, both statutory and voluntary sector

• Broad scope for strategies of intervention and being able to explore putting theory into practice

• Application of feminist theoretical perspectives

• To access challenging behaviour teams and assertive outreach teams

• Experience of continuing assessment of need and risk

• Comprehensive psycho-social needs assessment

• Person-centred care planning, monitoring and review

• Inclusion of carers in support planning

• Risk management

• Crisis intervention

• Motivational techniques

• Experience of advocating on behalf of service users with other service providers and organisations

• Promoting social inclusion by encouraging service users to create and maintain links with the local community

• Service quality monitoring through an electronic information management system

• To work across other projects within the agency

• Supporting employment and educational opportunities

• Supporting individuals to achieve improved mental health

• Facilitate opportunities to maintain and develop existing relationships

• Facilitate opportunities to enhance self-esteem and confidence

• Systematic record keeping and using electronic information management systems

• Opportunity to work in a team as well as development of individual working

• Contribute to effective running of the team


Additional information

Double impact is a re-integration service that has been in existence since 1998. Currently the service employs in excess of 20 people whose goal is to support and enable clients accessing the service to re-gain confidence, ability and trust. The business approaches this in numerous ways including delivering accredited training and creating voluntary and work placement opportunities in the local community.

*This is not a Framework service