Volunteer inmates raise more than £7,000 for homeless people

17 May 2013
by Neil Skinner

Six volunteer sinners, including Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping and Mansfield town CEO Carolyn Radford, were arrested, hauled into court, tried and jailed – all in aid of homeless and vulnerable people.

The dirty half-dozen were taking part at Framework’s “Jail and Bail” fundraising event at Nottingham’s Galleries of Justice on Thursday, May 16.

Each participant was charged with an entirely fictional offence and put on trial in the historic Galleries’ Victorian Courtroom. Each participant was then led to the cells below, read the Riot Act by a cudgel wielding jailor, and “bailed” only on payment of £1,000 – sponsorship money raised from friends and colleagues.

In front of a hostile crowd (and with absolutely no chance whatsoever of being found not guilty) the accused gamely pled their cases to the traditional Victorian-era judge, who was resplendent in luxurious red robes, a shoulder length wig, and (ominously) a black cloth hat! Their arguments, however, were given pretty short shrift and all were quickly found guilty and led from the dock.

Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping in the dock

Participants and their crimes are listed below:

  • Carolyn Radford, CEO of Mansfield Town FC: Wearing high heels to football gamesPaddy Tipping, Police and Crime Commissioner: Impersonating the Chief Constable.
  • Mark Hands, director of Alea Casino and Marco Pierre White: Eating all the Marco Pierre White Pies
  • Simon Taylor, Chief Operating Officer at The Nottingham: labouring under the delusion that by drinking copious quantities of Diet Coke we will one day appear in one of the drink’s iconic adverts.
  • Rob Wilmot, Director of marketing and design firm BCS: claiming (again) that beloved Nottinghamshire Robin Hood actually came from Yorkshire.
  • Adam Bird, co-founder and director at Esendex: The gratuitous wearing of Lycra in a public space.

All (unsurprisingly) were found or guilty!

When all bail monies were counted it was discovered that several participants had, in fact, comfortably exceeded their bail totals, with the total raised standing at more than £7,000.

Event organiser Natalie Goodrich said: “Jail and Bail really is one of the highlights of our fundraising calendar. It’s fun, full of atmosphere and is a wonderful way for a very busy group of people to support their communities. We are very grateful to all those who gave up their time and their liberty to take part.”

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