Public response to homelessness prevention plea 'overwhelming'

28 Dec 2012
by Neil Skinner

Members of the public have already donated more than £18,000 to a campaign to spare people the pain of homelessness – just seven weeks after it got under way.

Framework helps hundreds of homeless people every year rebuild their lives and plan independent futures. Equally as important, however, is the work it does to prevent people from losing their home in the first place.

Last year the charity helped more than 1,400 people to avoid the immediate threat of homelessness in the last year – sometimes for as little as £40.

Its 2012 Christmas Campaign, Without Framework I Would Be Homeless, urges the public to support those people and families who, without urgent help, are likely to face the agony of homelessness in the New Year. The charity has worked hard to get the message across that “homelessness really can happen to anybody” and says it has been overwhelmed and delighted by the public’s response.

Framework Operations Director Michael Leng said: “When it comes to tackling homelessness prevention is definitely better than cure. The emotional and economic costs of each case of homelessness are enormous for everybody involved. Homelessness is something that devastates families and ruins people’s lives – it creates myriad social and health problems that can take many years and huge sums of money to rectify.

“For as little as £40 we can represent a vulnerable person in court and stop a repossession or eviction; we can then offer that person the help and support they need to remain in their own home.

“Christmas is traditionally a time where people stop and think of others and I am delighted that so many people have thought so deeply about the issue of homelessness.” 

Framework, which offers a range of practical and legal interventions to keep people in their homes, believes that many hundreds of vulnerable people – homeowners and tenants from across the social and demographic spectrum – will find themselves at risk of losing their homes as the economy continues to struggle in 2013 and benefit reforms take hold.

Confident in the knowledge that prevention is always better than cure, it is appealing for public support to help it:

  • Provide legal expertise to prevent evictions and repossessions
  • Help vulnerable people live independently and free from the threat of homelessness
  • Provide emergency support for people in crisis – for example those who have suffered a bereavement, accident, illness or serious mental health episode

In the last year (2011/12) Framework helped 1,439 people to avoid the pain of homelessness by offering emergency advice, providing support to maintain accommodation, and by providing advocacy for people faced with repossession or eviction.

Framework’s campaign artwork, displayed in several locations in Nottingham City Centre, features a single, simple message uttered by many of the people it has helped: “Without Framework I would be homeless.” We know that without our help more people would experience the pain of homelessness.

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