More people seeking housing support

by Neil Skinner
18 Dec 2012

More people living with mental health difficulties are coming forward for housing related help, Framework has warned.

Framework’s Getting Through service, which helps vulnerable people remain in their homes by working to control their problems, is seeing twice as many people compared to this time last year.

Service manager Jon Leighton told BBC Radio Nottingham that 55 people had come forward for help between November and December 6 – nearly double the amount recorded last year.

He said: “Usually at this time of year referrals tend to dip among people suffering these types of issues...but what we’re seeing this year is that it is going up and we are concerned about that.

“These kinds of numbers, for a service where waiting lists are bulging already, are quite a number to try and keep on top of for our staff.

“We are seeing a range of issues......people are coping with things like the bedroom tax, council tax benefit cuts, increasing private sector rents, childcare costs, their food and fuel bills going up...people are really struggling.”

John warned that further cuts to local government spending power, also announced this week, will further increase the strain on the service.

For more information about the Getting Through service click here.

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