Bridgford Business Centre gives £10,000 Christmas present

21 Dec 2017
by Victoria Harrison

Five gold rings are familiar to many at Christmas but local homelessness charity Framework was surprised this week with a five-figure gift from the Bridgford Business Centre.

The Business Centre, which is home to a variety of Nottingham businesses and founded by Kevin Mansworth and managed by Graham Seston, is no stranger to giving charitable donations. However both were in agreement that this Christmas the issue of homelessness could not be ignored.

Being familiar with the work of local charity Framework, which helps around 12,000 people in the East Midlands, Kevin and Graham made the choice to do something about the visible problem they felt particularly passionate about altering this December.

When asked more about the generous sum gifted Kevin said: “Homelessness is a national and local concern that we can all see on a daily basis. Framework have a track record of helping homelessness so I knew our donation would be in good hands. After contacting Framework and learning more we chose to direct it towards Framework’s Christmas Challenge; a fundraising appeal to fund the work of a street-based nurse across Nottinghamshire. The donation will fund her work, medical supplies and transport for some months and it’s work that the business centre really believe in.

Framework Fundraising Manager Chris Senior was there to receive the donation and said:
The generosity of people who support Framework continues to astound me. It’s easy to put your weight behind something when you are immersed in it – every day I can see the difference that public donations make to the lives of homeless and vulnerable people but when businesses and people come together to help because they have recognised that help is needed it reminds me that we are part of a strong and caring community. This is a truly wonderful gift from the Bridgford Business Centre and we are so grateful.

To find out more about the Business Centre visit to learn more about Framework’s Street Nurse or support the Christmas Challenge visit

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