Record number of Snorers in Mansfield

27 Mar 2017
by Victoria Harrison

Almost140 people braved the cold and slept out in handmade shelters at West Nottinghamshire College on Friday, March 24 to help homeless people in Mansfield - more than ever before at the Big Snore event.

Participants slept in frosty conditions with only the bare essentials and a great deal of community spirit to raise money for homelessness charity: Framework. Over £10,000 has been donated in sponsorship so far by groups and individuals to help resettle and provide intensive support for rough sleepers.

Scout Big Snore
The event, now in its 13th year was attended once again by Sir Alan Meale MP who shows commitment to Framework and the issue of homelessness by attending annually. Guests as young as five and stretching into their late seventies were also joined by an impressive flock of birds of prey from “Hawks of Steele” to support a nocturnal animals theme.

Alan Meale Golden Eagle

Grandmother Mary White from Ladybrook created a ‘Super Nans’ shelter with friend Mary Chantry. She said: “It doesn’t matter how old you are, I will keep fighting the plight of homelessness for as long as I can. Events like this are so important to do that and I’m doing all I can to raise and help as much as possible.”
Sibling members of the Spectrum Wasp group from Rainworth: Robin (5) Lillie (14) and George (9) said: “It’s cold but we only have to live with this for one night. Homeless people have to live with the cold every night. We’re wrapping up, staying warm together and we’re very happy to be taking part.”

Framework Fundraising Manager Chris Senior said: Framework Fundraising Manager Chris Senior said: “The enthusiasm of everyone who was there was very impressive: it ensured we had a most enjoyable event in aid of a very serious cause.
“The Big Snore has always had a strong community focus and last Friday’s event brought together people of all ages who really care about the welfare of others in Mansfield.
“We look forward to ensuring that the funds raised so generously make a real difference to vulnerable people in the area. My thanks go out to everyone who took part; everyone who sponsored them; and everyone who helped to make the event possible.”

Big Snore Tent

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