Residents served festive treat by magician

26 Dec 2016

Residents at Framework’s care home for older homeless men were dealt a Festive treat when a local magician popped in and dazzled them with his skills.

Professional magician and entertainer Duncan William put on a show for residents, staff and their families at 32 Bentinck Road, a residential service for men with a history of alcoholism.

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Duncan, who visited on December 21st, performed a range of routines with cards, coins and a plethora of other magical props, leaving his audience thoroughly entertained.

He said: "I have been welcomed back to 32 Bentinck Road to perform magic and mind reading for the  last three years, and it has always been a real joy! Magic transcends age, race, creed and background and with many residents having had to cope with struggles and hardships in their lives - its great to see their eyes widen as they are taken back to that infantile state of astonishment - even if it is for a fleeting moment, as the magic happens before their eyes.

"There is a real sense of warmth from both the staff and residents at 32 Bentinck Road and I always look forward to performing there at Christmas".

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