A magical mission

29 Sep 2016
by Victoria Harrison

"The world has changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. The spectre of homelessness has risen, and its shadow touches all."

And so Gandalf and Gandalf were summoned to undertake a great journey...

"Travel west, across the plains of the shire, and take the great road north until you come to the town of Deva Victrix (Chester). Once there, follow the roads of old west until, deep in the mountains, you find Yr Wddyfa (Snowdon), tomb of Rhita Gwar. Ascend this mighty summit and cast forth a potent spell that the spectre of homelessness may be banished from the realms of men."

"But stray not from the mountains path for treacherous chasms and deep lakes serve to entrap the weary traveller; and pay heed to the rumours of the 'Iron Snake' that crawls the mountain side, roaring as it goes, lest you find yourself sealed in its mighty belly."

 Or, in less dramatic terms, Matthew Thompson and Daniel Meaney (Framework staff) are travelling to Snowdon with the intent of climbing it, dressed as Gandalf, in aid of raising money for Framework.

The voyage begins on Saturday October 1st. Wish our Gandalfs luck below and sponsor them here.

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