Students in Christmas Bag Pack

24 Dec 2015
by Neil Skinner

Students from Djanogly City Academy gave up a Saturday during their Christmas Holidays to volunteer for a Framework Festive Fundraiser.

The Year 10s gathered £384 in donations as they turned ran a Christmas Bag Pack service at the local ASDA Superstore in Hyson Green. 

Their efforts proved popular in the store as shoppers could relax while conveyor belts were loaded, bags packed and friendly words exchanged.  Some students even offered an informal ‘trolley valet’ service. 

The bag pack, which took place on Saturday December 12,  forms part of a new partnership with Djanogly City Academy who have named Framework as they’re charity of Year 10.  

PE Teacher and Head of Year 10 Robert Tapp said “It’s a great opportunity for our students to meet our community and develop those essential skills required in the world of work.” 

Members of the Student Council are now discussing new ways to support their chosen charity with school ‘sleep-ins’ and a charity events committee in in the offing. 

This initiative was brought about by three Year 10 students who took it upon themselves to visit Framework’s head office to enquire about fundraising and volunteering opportunities. 

Harry Theaker, Community Fundraising Officer at Framework, added: “These three young people were concerned about issues of homelessness in their community, so they got together and decided to do something about it. Local teenagers can often get a bad press but this is an example of real community spirit and initiative. They liaised with myself and other Framework staff and their teachers, helping to organise this event, galvanize their fellow students and develop a new partnership. "

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