Skegby resident receives surprise home makeover

17 Aug 2015
by Victoria Harrison

A disabled young woman from Skegby was the beneficiary of a surprise home makeover last week – thanks to Framework and some generous lettings agents.

Amiee Harrison, 24, who recently underwent surgery to improve her mobility, was helped to secure her new flat in Elder Street by Framework. The charity, which stepped in when Amiee was at risk of losing her home, has now teamed up with a local lettings agency to redecorate her new home and also add a few mod-cons.

Hunter Property Ltd, based in Mansfield and Ashfield took the decision to act when they learned of Amiee’s recent struggles with homelessness and depression. Staff from the company took a lead in the 72 hour renovation project when it started on Wednesday, August 12th.

We have been operating for just 18 months but wanted to give something back to the community we serve. When Framework approached us about Amiee’s dilemma we were more than pleased to do what we could to get her back on her feet with a home that is fit for her and she can take pride in. We hope that by redecorating her home just as she wants it, Amiee will have a new start in life.

Nigel Barnes, CEO of Hunter Properties

The Hunter Property Team focused three full days preparing and repainting the walls, repairing skirting boards, building furniture and adding curtains, lighting and carpets to the property. The team will also attend to the garden to create a space Amy can enjoy.

 On receiving the news of the intended makeover Amiee said:

I can’t wait to see the finished result. I’ve had a very difficult few months and would never have been able to achieve such a feat alone as my leg is still in a cast and have no movement in my left hand. At the moment my flat is horrible, bare and damp, I really can’t thank Framework or Hunter Property Ltd enough.



Aimee's bedroom

Aimee's lounge

Amiee's kitchen

Work begins:

Clearing the garden

Hunter Property team


Aimee's Bedroom

Aimee's lounge

Amiee's repaired kitchen

Thanks to all involved: Hunter Property Ltd for providing manpower and materials, Twynings Electrical for their expertise, Framework's Ashfield Homelessness Prevention Service for supporting Amiee and to the Fundraising Team.

Some of the makeover team

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