Mansfield volunteer receives national award at home of Mayor of London

21 Jul 2015
by Victoria Harrison

The distinguished award is presented annually to small band of volunteers handpicked from across the UK. Pam Bishop of Nottingham road, was recognised particularly for her efforts on behalf of Framework.

Mrs Bishop was congratulated on account of over ten years of service to Framework and especially her inspired organisation of ‘The Big Snore’ challenge, whereby hundreds of people are sponsored to ‘rough sleep’ for a night to raise funds for the homelessness charity. The event, due to return in 2016, has raised over £90,000 to date for people affected by homelessness in Mansfield.

 PBishop Louise

Other awardees on the day included 103 year old Dr David Frankland, assistant to Sir Alexander Fleming the inventor of penicillin, and veteran Mr Donald Bevan who has volunteered for the Scouts for over 65 years.

Louise Darby Fundraising Manager of Framework accompanied Mrs Bishop to mark the occasion. She said: “Pam is a very worthy recipient of such a prized award. We are all so proud and grateful for the things she has achieved for Framework. She has and continues to make an enormous impact on her local community; ‘The Big Snore’ has funded a Mansfield service that has supported hundreds of homeless people from instability and towards independent living. I cannot thank her enough.”

Mrs Bishop was pleased to accept the award, not least because of the opportunity it gives to raise the profile of the charity on a more national scale with the award trustees. She said: “I was there to receive it but it acknowledges and celebrates a huge team effort by volunteer supporters and fundraisers over the years to raise awareness of homelessness in our community and to support Framework financially in the wonderful work that it does.” 
With the assistance of volunteers Framework supports over 11,000 vulnerable and homeless people every year. If people are interested in becoming volunteers at Framework visit volunteering. The Big Snore will return to Mansfield in March 2016, for more information email our events team.

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