BBQ restaurant serves up garden party for homeless people

09 Jun 2015
by Neil Skinner

Staff from a Nottingham restaurant visited a Framework garden party to serve up the food and dish out expert advice on the art of low and slow barbecue. 

Red’s True Barbecue, in Queen Street, supported the event at Hughendon Lodge, Mapperley, a Framework accommodation service for homeless people living with mental health difficulties. 

The restaurant group, which also has branches in Leeds and Manchester, donated a large quantity of smoked meat to Framework after the inaugural firing of its giant barbecue smokers. On Wednesday, June 3 they helped residents and staff serve up a summer feast – and pass on some valuable summer tips while they’re doing it. 

Reds Co-founder James Douglas explained: “Homelessness is an issue that is really close to our hearts, which is why we continue to support charities in Manchester and Leeds who are committed to fighting it. When we opened in Nottingham we heard great things about Framework and wanted to do something to help them.”

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