Framework promotes the power of volunteering

03 Jun 2015
by Neil Skinner

Framework is urging more people to help themselves and others by getting involved in volunteering.

It has been running a professional volunteering service for the last eight years, enabling people from all backgrounds to contribute positively to their communities, explore new opportunities, and develop new, life-enhancing skills.

Framework volunteer Kay (PR-1024)

Kay is blind. She is also one of Framework's most active volunteers

In National Volunteering Week (June 1 – 7), the charity is launching a new campaign to engage more people in its work. Using a range of real-life stories from volunteers it is seeking to challenge traditional views of what volunteering is all about and inspire more people to think about what a) they can do to help their community, and b) what they can do for themselves.

Volunteering Coordinator Omied Hallam explained: “I think that a lot of people see volunteering as doing something for nothing; of giving time, effort and expertise in return only for a sense of personal satisfaction. That is brilliant and we rely on this kind of generosity to add value to our work, but there can be so much more to volunteering than that.

“I have seen with my own eyes the transformative impact volunteering can have on people from all backgrounds – from people who have experienced homelessness, prison and substance abuse, to people with professional qualifications looking to add an extra dimension to their lives. We offer them all the support they need to get what they want out of the experience. If people simply want to give something back to their community then that’s great, but if they want to develop themselves in any way we will support them to do that.”


Sam now works for Framework, but was helped into employment by his experiences of volunteering.

In the last year Framework has worked with more than 400 volunteers across the East Midlands. Of those more than a quarter have made their way into employment or further training as a direct result of their experiences. More than half of those also reported an increase in confidence.

The charity is currently seeking to attract more volunteers in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire, including a cooking tutor, admin volunteers and a job club volunteer.



We asked some of our volunteers about what motivates them

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