Nearly 200 people enjoy Impact Briefing

05 Dec 2014
by Neil Skinner

Nearly 200 people attended Framework’s third annual Impact Briefing this week – an event designed to explain more about our work to help people into employment. 

The event, (Making Work Work – How the Third Sector can help vulnerable people into employment) examined the various ways the organisation works to help vulnerable and excluded people into education, training and employment. 

010  WFP6731

Kirsty McHugh, Chief Executive of ERSA, addresses the audience at the Albert Hall

Held at The Albert Hall in Nottingham on Tuesday, December 2, it featured: 

  • A keynote address by Kirsty McHugh, Chief Executive of ERSA (Employment Related Support Association)*
  • Informative, fun and inspirational workshops about our Skills for Independence programme, Work Programme activities, and the role of comedy in tackling unemployment
  • An introduction to Social Enterprise and its role in boosting employment.

Framework believes that the Third Sector has a vital role to play in helping unemployed people to access the employment market. In 2013/14 it helped more than 200 people into employment, and many hundreds more into work placements and volunteering opportunities.

041  WFP6822

Sam Avery, Comedian with Laughing Matters, entertians the audience in the Main Hall

Claire Eden, Head of Employment, Volunteering and Social Enterprise at Framework, explained:  “Tackling and preventing homelessness forms only part of our work with the people we exist to support. We now focus substantial resources on helping people to develop new skills, to experience the workplace, and to eventually find employment. We do this because we believe passionately that helping people find work and developing their skills is the most effective way to tackle long-term social exclusion.

069  WFP6890

 Delegates share a laugh during one of our three workshops

“For that reason I believe strongly that Third Sector organisations across the county have a vital role to play in tackling unemployment. Intergenerational unemployment and social exclusion are problems that we come up against time and again in our work. It is vital that Framework and other similar organisations take a lead in implementing the solutions and share responsibility with central government for doing so.

077  WFP6909

Good humour was very much the order of the day

“Our 2014 Impact Briefing was a good platform for us to share our work with a wider audience; to explain what we do, how and why we do it. We hope it has inspired others to support our endeavours and think what they can do to assist our work.”

101  WFP6960

Framework staff are joined by former service users on the Q&A panel

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