Supporters Do it for Framework

30 Jun 2014
by Neil Skinner

Some did it at work. Others did it at home. Some even did it in the street – all helping to raise more than £7,000 (and counting) on Friday’s third annual Do it for Framework Day.

Hundreds of people each played their part in dozens of events held to raise money for Framework. Events included a sponsored swim, a pavement sleep-out, several coffee mornings, a car wash and even a football tournament.

Geoff Love, CEO of Esendex, gets a soaking for Framework.

Staff at Nottingham-based Esendex, meanwhile, put their senior managers in the stocks (we’re told they bought them especially) and pelted them with wet sponges.

Other prominent local business who got involved were Coutts Nottingham, Barclays,  iSite and The Nottingham – the latter agreeing to match-fund online donations up-to £1,000.

James and Danny from The Nottingham camp on the pavement outside the Arnold branch.

The money raised will be used by Framework to prevent homelessness, to help homeless people, and to provide new skills and opportunities to vulnerable and excluded people .


To view video highlights of the day click above

Event organiser Sarah Cross said: “I would like to thank everybody who took part in the day and encouraged others to do so. We’re still counting all the money that was made but we can say with confidence that we have raised a record amount. I got the chance to visit many of the events that were taking place on Friday and I was delighted by what I saw. People were raising money for a serious cause but were having a lot of fun doing it.”

One man who was having rather less fun on the day was Esendex CEO Geoff Love, who volunteered to enter a set of wooden stocks at the company’s Nottingham HQ and have wet sponges thrown at him. Mr Love, speaking with cold water dripping from his face, explained:

“I’ve walked on fire, I’m getting soaked and I’m about to do Marathon for Framework. We think we raised about £500 today and everybody has been having a lot of fun.”

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