Donations go twice as far on Do it for Framework Day

26 Jun 2014
by Hannah Payne

Supporters are urged to donate on Friday 27th June so that Framework can take advantage of support from Nottingham Building Society.

Do it for Framework Day is an annual event where supporters in the community get involved to raise funds and make a noise about the work Framework does to support local homeless and vulnerable people. Local businesses and individuals are ready with everything from bake sales and car washing to concerts and football tournaments.

This year’s event is supported by Nottingham Building Society. Staff will be fundraising in 25 local branches and their head office and donations made by the public up to the first £1,000 will be matched by The Nottingham.

Event organiser, Sarah Cross, said “It’s fantastic to have the backing of The Nottingham for Do it for Framework Day. The event is great fun and with matched funding in place, it’s so easy for our supporters to get involved and Do it for Framework!”

To help Framework make the most of this matched funding opportunity, supporters are urged to donate online on Friday 27th June. Make your donation here.


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