Green fingered solicitors complete garden makeover for for Framework

20 Jun 2014
by Neil Skinner

A determined and public-spirited group of Nottingham solicitors have completed a “brilliant and beautiful” garden makeover at a care home for older homeless men in the city.

The green-fingered volunteers, from Nottingham-based Actons, wanted to do something to help the residents of 32 Bentinck Road, Nottingham, a registered care home operated by homelessness charity Framework. After raising hundreds of pounds to pay for materials, ten staff gave up part of their well-earned weekend to renovate, prepare, plant and repair the tired, under used and un-loved space at the rear of the building.



The transformative results were officially unveiled at a garden party earlier this month (Tuesday, June 3), where residents and staff joined the Actons volunteers to thank them for their work.

Framework’s Dave Milburn, manager at 32 Bentinck Road, said: “Before Actons got involved with us the garden was really pretty bleak and barren. It was a space we were really not doing anything with, but they have helped us to create this huge, fantastic garden space. I was involved with the work and really appreciate how hard the guys from Actons worked on this. They were here over two days and their attitude was incredible. They gave up their own time to do this and on the Saturday night they didn’t leave here until about 10pm.

“What they’ve left us with is a huge improvement on what we had before. This is now a space residents actually want to spend time in, and a space we can use for activities and events. I really can’t thank Actons enough for what they have done.”

Christina Yardley, a solicitor with Actons, explained: “We have supported Framework for many years and we believe very strongly in the work they do. This was a nice hands-on opportunity for staff and something they wouldn’t normally do. It has also allowed us to get a better understanding of the people who live here and the problems they have faced in their lives. We had a great time doing it and are all really pleased with the results.”

Richard, who lives at 32 Bentinck Road, added: “I think it’s a really nice thing that has happened. It’s made a big difference to waking up in the morning and seeing a bit of grass and the plants. The whole lot looks beautiful. We couldn’t have asked for better. They’ve done a brilliant, brilliant job and I really appreciate what they have done.”

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