Jail and bailers raise thousands for homeless and vulnerable people

11 Jun 2014
by Neil Skinner

Six notable Nottinghamshire sinners raised thousands of pounds for Framework when they were arrested, hauled into a Victorian era court room, tried, jailed and (eventually) bailed.

The volunteer sinners were taking part in our third annual Jail and Bail event at Nottingham’s Galleries of Justice Museum, on Wednesday June 4.

Video highlights


The defendants, who were each allocated entirely fictional offences by their friends, colleagues and families, enjoyed the colourful spectacle of a public trial in the Galleries’ historic Victorian era courtroom – complete with brutal judge and a baying crowd.

Sammy the Stag feels the force of the law

An extra dose of authenticity was (again) leant to proceedings by Nottinghamshire Special Constables Dawn Marie Lesh and Grant White, who brought the long (and shouty) arm of the law into court.

Anna Mimms MBE gets into the spirit of the day

The participants and their crimes were:

Event organiser Sarah Cross said: “Jail and Bail is one of our most entertaining fundraising events of the year, and this year’s participants certainly went out of their way to make the event the success it was. They really did excel themselves this year, taking part in some really funny pre-trial pleas videos before putting on a tremendous show in front of our judge and jury. I would like to thank each of them for being such great sports and getting involved and helping out in such a serious cause.”

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