Facts about homelessness

This page uses data collected from several hundred homeless people to answer this and other questions as fully as possible.

Why do people become homeless?

Homelessness can happen to almost anybody if enough factors strike at the right time, but some groups are more at risk than others…

  • For women the most common cause is domestic violence (28 per cent)
  • For men it was being kicked out of home by their parents (22 per cent)
  • Being kicked out by parents if the most common reason for homelessness for young people

How old are homeless people?

This question can be answered with this graph.

How old

Who becomes homeless? 

Homelessness really can happen to anybody, but some groups of people are more likely to lose their home than others.

How old

Rough Sleeping

Most homeless people do not sleep rough. But for those who do street homelessness is a life-changing and life-threatening way of life. People who sleep rough do so for many different reasons. These are summarised below.

How old

*Some people reported more than one issue

How long do people sleep rough for?

Early intervention is crucial when helping people who are sleeping rough. Sadly we know that the longer people sleep rough for, the harder they become to help.

This is why most people sleep rough for less than a week: because they are helped straight away by organisations like Framework.

how long

*One per cent of data in this chart is not attributable without running to multiple decimal places.


+The figures on this page were published in the Nottinghamshire Homelessness Watch survey. Published every year in October, this report provides one of the most detailed and reliable resources in this field, as it contains data from many different agencies collated over a set period of time. Compiled over the same two week period each year, it is really a very powerful document and we’re pleased to be able to share some of its contents with you. Although it covers only Nottinghamshire, it paints a pretty accurate picture of our work across the region.